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Car rental

You can’t travel without a car in the USA. Only in the large cities there is good public transportation. It is important to choose the right car for you roadtrip. You’ll spend a lot of time in the car.

An average roadtrip in the west can be about 3000km. So choosing a comfortable car can make your trip more enjoyable. Size matters, when it comes to the trunk. If you make some stops, like at a National Park, you don’t want others to see your luggage in the car.

All rental have their advantage

Most international car rental companies have offices in the USA. It’s difficult to say which companie is the best because this is very subjective. You can have a good or bad experience with a company. At the end of the page we have a list with some large, trustworthy car rental companies.

Automatic transmission for everyone

Most rental cars in the USA have an automatic transmission, airco and radio-cd player. You can ask for a manual transmission but chances are very low a car will be available. They are very rare. If you are travelling with children younger than 2 year, make sure to bring a child seat or rent one with the car. It’s illegal to transport children without proper child seats.

Insurance is never a bargain

Pay attention to the insurances when renting a car. Often not all insurance are included in the price. We suggest renting a car with a full insurance pack. The ‘Fully Inclusive’ pack at Alamo is a good example.

Pay for a full tank?

Car rental companies often offer to pay for a full tank of gas, even before you leave with the car. This way you don’t have to worrie about filling up before you return the car. It’s not mandatory, you can decide for yourself if you would like to do this.

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You don’t have to be old to rent a car

Most companies let you rent a car  from the age of 21, but you’ll have to pay an extra fee, because young drivers are a bigger risk. Some companies offer a package with insurances for drivers younger than 25 years. At Alamo this is the ‘Gold Underage’ pack.

Beware, mostly only 1 driver is included in the price.

Documents, please!

To rent a car you need to have 2 documents: your passport and your driver’s license.
In Florida an international driver’s license is mandatory for car rental!


Some of the largest rental car companies in the USA are:

Holidaycars.com is a nice tool to compare prices.

Amerikaanse simkaart

Verbonden blijven tijdens je trip door de USA? Dan heb je een Amerikaanse simkaart nodig. USA SIM heeft alles wat je nodig hebt.

Amerikaanse prepaid simkaart

Reisadapter voor Amerika

In de VS is het moeilijk om een overgangsstuk te vinden van Europese naar Amerikaanse stekkers, dus neem je best zelf een adapter mee. Deze TESSAN Reisadapter USA met 2 usb-poorten is ideaal.

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