Drinking alcohol


Everybody knows it’s not a good idea to drink and drive. But did you know you can bring your own bottle of wine to a restaurant, but you can’t drink in public from a bottle that isn’t fully covered? Americans are very strict when it comes to alcohol.

Paper Bag Bottle

The minimum age for buying and drinking alcohol is 21 in every state. If you would like to buy alcohol or enter a club or bar, the owner can ask you prove of you age.

The legislation about alcoholic beverages in restaurants and shops varies from state to state. Some restaurants don’t serve alcohol, but allow you to bring your own bottle. They will open the bottle and provide a glass for a small fee.

It is absolutely prohibited to drink alcohol or carry alcohol in public places without fully covering the bottle. In some states alcohol can only be transported in the trunk of the car because it is illegal to have it within reach in you car. And of course you cannot drink while you drive!

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