How large is the bed in my hotelroom in the USA?

When booking a hotelroom in the USA you often have a choice between rooms with different sizes of beds. Mostly you can choose between 2 queen-sized beds or 1 king-sized bed. But what are the sizes of these beds?

The sizes below are standard in the USA and Canada.

Twin / single

99 cm x 191 cm

Twin XL

99 cm x 203 cm

Full / double

137 cm x 191 cm


152 cm x 203 cm



For king-size beds it is a little more complex. There are different sizes of king-size beds.

Standard King

193 cm x 203 cm

California King

183 cm x 213 cm

Hotels usually even have another size of king-size bed, with the smallest sizes of the Standard King and California King combined.

Hotel King

183 cm x 203 cm

This size bed will be most common in hotels in the USA.

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