Traffic signs in America

Many are the same, but a lot of traffic signs look a lot different in the USA then in Europe. This overview should help you drive safely in the USA.

Road markings

Not really a traffic sign, but road markings give you a lot of information.

– White lines seperate the road in traffic lanes in the same direction.
– Yellow lines seperate the road in traffic lanes in the opposite direction.

Verkeersborden Amerika onderbroken witte lijn

Single dashed white line: Indicates traffic lanes in the same direction. You can cross this line to change lane.

Verkeersborden Amerika volle witte lijn

Single white line: You can drive on both sides of this line in the same direction, but you may not cross this line to change lane unless to avoid a dangerous situation.

Verkeersborden Amerika dubbele volle witte lijn

Double white line: You can drive on both sides of these lines in the same direction. It is not allowed to cross the lines.

Verkeersborden Amerika enkele onderbroken gele lijn

Single dashed yellow line: You can temporarily cross this line to pass the vehicle in front of you.

Verkeersborden Amerika dubbele volle gele lijn

Double yellow line: Vehicles in both directions can’t cross these lines, unless to turn left.

Verkeersborden Amerika dubbele gele lijn, vol aan linkerkant, onderbroken aan rechterkant

Double yellow line, continuous on the left, dashed on the right: You can temporarily cross these lines to pass the vehicle in front of you. Vehicles from the opposite direction can’t cross these lines.

Verkeersborden Amerika middenvak op een twee-richtingsweg

Center lane, seperated by a continuous and a dashed yellow line on both sides: Vehicles from both directions can use the center lane to turn left. The center lane may not be used to pass the vehicle in front of you.

Verkeersborden Amerika brede witte lijn dwars over de weg

Wide white line across the road: This line shows you where to stop at a stop sign or a traffic light.
Double white line across the road
: The space between the lines can be shaded. Pedestrians can cross here. Vehicles should yield to pedestrians.

Traffic signs

These are the most common traffic signs.

Verkeersborden Amerika stopbord

Stop sign: You have to make a full stop at the road marking or just before entering the intersection.
Stop sign with “4-way” sign: Traffic from all 4 directions has to stop. The vehicle that first arrived may go on first. If 2 vehicles arrive at the same time, you should yield to the vehicle on the right.

Verkeersborden Amerika voorrangsbord

Yield sign: You have to yield to vehicles coming from other directions. You don’t have to fully stop before moving on.

Verkeersborden Amerika do not enter

Do not enter: You can’t enter the street in this direction.

Verkeersborden Amerika wrong way

Wrong way: You are driving in the wrong direction. Turn around immediately!

Verkeersborden Amerika no passing zone

No passing zone: You can’t pass the vehicle in front of you in this zone.

Verkeersborden Amerika no u-turn

No U-turn: You can’t make a U-turn here. This signs is very common on large intersections.

Verkeersborden Amerika speed limit

Speed sign: Tells you the maximum speed for this zone.

Verkeersborden Amerika speeding fines doubled

Speeding fines doubled: You mostly see this signs near schools or road works. If you are caught speeding in this zone, the fine will be doubled.

Verkeersborden Amerika one way

One way: You can only enter the street in the direction of the arrow.

Verkeersborden Amerika no turn on red

No turn on red: Most of the times you can turn right on red after yielding to the other vehicles, except when you see this sign.

Verkeersborden Amerika left lane must turn left

Lane must turn: The sign says that the indicated lanes has to turn in the specified direction. Ex. The left lane has to turn left.

Verkeersborden Amerika turn lanes

Turn lanes: The sign indicates in which directions vehicles in a specific lane have to turn.

Verkeersborden Amerika center lane

Center lane: The center lane can only be used to turn left from both directions.

Verkeersborden Amerika aanbevolen snelheid

Recommended speed: This sign shows you the recommended, safe speed for the exit.

Verkeersborden Amerika slower traffic keep right

Slower traffic keep right: Slower traffic should keep right to give faster vehicles the opportunity to pass on the left side.

Verkeersborden Amerika move over for emergency vehicles

Move over for mergency vehicles: This sign can be different from state to state. When passing a stopped emergency vehicle you should take the traffic lane that is the furthest away from the vehicle. If this is not possible, you should at least drive 20mph slower than the maximum speed in that zone.

Verkeersborden Amerika invoegen

Merge: This sign tells you your lane will merge with another one. Look out for the traffic on the other lane en be prepared to yield.

Verkeersborden Amerika pavement ends

Pavement ends: Somewhere up ahead the road will no longer be paved.

Verkeersborden Amerika oversteekplaats

Pedestrian crossing: Look out for pedestrians crossing the road. Slow down and yield.

Verkeersborden Amerika soft shoulder

Soft shoulder: This sign indicates a soft shoulder next to the road.

Verkeersborden Amerika aanbevolen snelheid

Recommended speed: This sign indicates the recommended speed for the next turn.

Verkeersborden Amerika aankomende snelheidslimiet

Speed limit change ahead: Somewhere past this sign the speed limit will be changed to the one indicated on the sign.

Verkeersborden Amerika aankomend stopbord

Stop sign ahead: Somewhere past this sign you will see a stop sign.

Verkeersborden Amerika oversteekplaats bij school

Road crossing at a school: Slow down and watch out for children crossing the road. Stop when necessary.

Verkeersborden Amerika school zone

School zone: These signs indicate the start and end of a school zone. The speed limit indicated will be enforced when accompanying lights are flashing.

Verkeersborden Amerika spoorweg

Railroad crossing: The sign with red flashing lights indicate a railroad crossing. You always have to yield to the trains. When the lights are flashing you can’t cross the railroad.

Verkeersborden Amerika wegenwerken

Road work signs: Many different signs are used for road work. Also detours will be shown on these kind of signs. A man with a flag on an orange signs tells you there will be a “flagger” up ahead.

Verkeersborden Amerika flaggers

Flaggers: This person with a flag or a sign tells you if you have to stop or can slowly proceed.

If you would like to learn more about the traffic signs in the USA you can check out this Georgia DMV Permit Practice Test.


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