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USA sim – mobile data

During your trip you would ofcourse like to stay in touch with friends or share you experiences on your social media. You don’t have to constantly look for free wifi. With a USA sim card or esim you are connected, wherever you are in the USA.

Which sim you need depends on your smartphone. If it doesn’t support dual sim, you’ll need a physical sim card which you can use instead of your current sim card. If you have a dual sim smartphone, there are 2 options.

1. You have a second sim slot in which you can insert a second sim card.

2. Your smartphone supports esim, which is a digital sim card. Esims can be found on iPhones from version Xs (Xs, 11, 12, 13).

For the sim cards you also have the choice to just use data, or also make calls and send text messages.

Physical simkaart

You can buy a physical sim card for the USA even before you leave on ex. Amazon. You can find a whole range of sim cards with variable validity and included data. One of the best networks in the USA is T-Mobile. A sim card for this network is the best choice.

There are many suppliers of sim cards, like

Amerikaanse prepaid simkaart


Also an esim can be purchased before you leave. You can already install the esim and activate it when you arrive in the US.

Some good suppliers for data-only esim are

  • Airalo
    • with code ‘JELLE6088’ you’ll get a $3 discount
  • Holafly
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