Route 66 – Missouri

The second state you cross travelling on Route 66 is Missouri.

Chain of Rocks Bridge

The Chain of Rocks Bridge across the Mississippi was built in 1929 and was included in route 66 in 1936. The bridge is quite special due to the 30 degree bend in the middle. In 1967 a new bridge was built for the interstate and Chain of Rocks Bridge was closed for traffic. Now you can only cross the bridge on foot and by bike.

St. Louis, Missouri

Route 66 Missouri 1 Chain Of Rocks Bridge

Union Station 

Once St. Louis Union Station was the world’s largest and busiest trainterminal, but due to the rise of airtransportation the trainstation became to large for decaying numbers of travellers. In 1980 the terminal was converted to a Double Tree Hotel, a shopping center and an entertainment location.

1820 Market Street, St. Louis, Missouri

Route 66 Missouri 2 St Louis Union Station

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch is the largest monument in the USA and honors Thomas Jefferson’s vision and the role of St. Louis in the westward expansion of the USA. The 192m high arch was built in 1965 and is part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. A special tramsystem takes visitors to the top.

11 North 4th Street, St. Louis, Missouri 

Route 66 Missouri 3 Gateway Arch

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard 

Frozen custard is a kind of icecream. Butter and yolk is added to the icecream making the custard very soft. Ted Drewes opened his first business in 1929 in florida and opened Ted Drewes Frozen Custard on Route 66 in St. Louis in 1941.

6726 Chippewa Street, St. Louis, Missouri 

Route 66 Missouri 4 Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

Meramec Caverns

Meramec Caverns is a cave system with a length of 7,4km. The limestone caves were explored in 1933 and are exploited since 1935. There are clues that the notorious Jesse James was hiding in the caverns in 1870. The operater of Meramec Caverns is also credited with the invention of the bumpersticker. He created the stickers to promote the caverns.

1135 State Highway West, Sullivan, Missouri

Route 66 Missouri 5 Meramec Caverns

Wagon Wheel Motel 

The Wagon Wheel Motel is the longest operating motel on Route 66. Since 1938 travellers can spend the night and a renovation in 2010 makes sure travellers can continue to sleep in the motel for many years to come.

901 East Washington Blvd, Cuba, Missouri

Route 66 Missouri 6 Wagon Wheel Motel

Totem Pole Trading Post

The Totem Pole Trading Post is the oldest shop and gas station on Route 66 in Missouri. It opened in 1933.

1413 Martin Springs Drive, Rolla, Missouri

Route 66 Missouri 7 Totem Pole Trade Post

Stony Dell Resort 

The Stony Dell Resort was built in 1932 and was enormously popular. There was a large swimming pool with water from a nearby spring. Already in 1946 Route 66 was rerouted around Arlington and only few people found their way to the resort. Now only ruins are left of the once beautiful resort.

State Highway D, Mark Twain National Forest, Newburg, Missouri

Route 66 Missouri 8 Stony Dell Resort

Gary’s Gay Parita

Steve Turner knows everything about Route 66. He has maintained the Sinclair gas station his father operated, with original pumps and memorabilia.

21118 Old 66 Ash Grove, Missouri

Route 66 Missouri 9 Gary's Gay Parita

Route 66 drive-in

The drive-in theater was opened in 1949 and is still used in weekends. The sound of the films can be heard in the cars thanks to poles with speakers on the terrain.

17231 Old 66 Blvd, Carthage, Missouri

Route 66 Missouri 10 Route 66 Drive In


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