Route 66 – Texas

Route 66 only passes through a small part of Texas. The Mother Road crosses the Panhandle.

U-Drop-Inn Restaurant and Service Station 

The building was built in 1936 in Art-Deco style. It used to house 2 businesses, Tower Station, a gas station, and U-Drop-Inn, a bar. In 1997 the building was restored and converted to a museum and visitor center. Ramone’s Automotive Body and Paint Shop in Radiator Springs in the Pixar movie Cars is based on U-Drop-Inn.

101 East 12th Street, Shamrock, Texas

Route66 Texas U-Drop-Inn Restaurant And Service Station

Phillips 66 Service Station

This was the first Phillips 66 gas station in 1928. The building was restored in 1992 by the Texas Route 66 Association.

219 Gray Street, McLean, Texas

Route66 Texas Phillips 66 Service Station

Leaning Water Tower

This water tower in Groom is leaning over. People will tell you the craziest stories about the cause, like an earthquake, a tornado and even a collision with an airplane. But the truth is the tower was built like this, as a marketing stunt.

Route 66, Groom, Texas

Route66 Texas Leaning Water Tower Groom

Groom Cross 

In Groom you can also find the largest cross in the western hemisphere. The cross is 58m high and can be seen from 32km away. Around the cross all Stations of the Cross are depicted with live-size statues. There is also a replica of the tombe of Jezus.

Route 66, Groom, Texas 

Route66 Texas Groom Cross

Bug Farm

Bug Farm in Conway is a parody of Cadillac Ranch. Five Volkswagen Beetles were buried nose down in the ground. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy themselves with graffiti.

Old Route 66, Conway, Texas

Route66 Texas Bug Farm

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Palo Duro Canyon is the second largest canyon in the USA. It’s 110 km long, 250 m deep and about 9,7 km wide. On it’s widest point the canyon spans 32 km. Often Palo Duro is called ‘The Grand Canyon of Texas’. The most beautifull rockformation is ‘The Lighthouse’ which can be reached by a 9 km long hike.

11450 State Hwy Park Rd 5, Canyon, Texas

Route66 Texas Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Big Texan Steak Ranch

In 1960 R. J. “Bob” Lee opened The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo on Route 66. Quickly it became the ideal stop alongside Route 66 the eat a tasty steak. But the restaurant became worldfamous for the free steak of 2 kg, if you can eat it within the hour.

7701 I-40, Amarillo, Texas

Route66 Texas Big Texan Steak Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch is an art project created by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels. The installation consists of 10 Cadillacs buried nose down in the ground, with the same angle as the pyramids of Gizeh. The cars are arranged from old to new so every design of tailfin can be seen. Cadillac Range, the mountain range in the Pixar movie Cars, was inspired by Cadillac Ranch. Visitors are encourage to contribute by spraying graffiti.

I-40, Amarillo, Texas

Route66 Texas Cadillac Ranch

Vega Motel

The Vega Motel is one of the few motels that survived the end of Route 66. Since 1947 people can spend the night here. In 1964 the motel was renovated.

1005 Vega Blvd, Vega, Texas

Route66 Texas Vega Motel

Midpoint Cafe 

Exactly in the middle between Chicago and Santa Monica you can visit The Midpoint Cafe. A sign indicating the midpoint of Route 66 is one of the most photographed signs on Route 66. The Midpoin Cafe used to be a stop like any other along the route, but more recently they have begun exploiting the fact that the cafe is situated on the midpoint of Route 66.

305 West Historic Route 66, Adrian, Texas 

Route66 Texas Midpoint Cafe

Glenrio Historic District

Glenrio was founded exactly on the border between Texas and New Mexico in 1903. This was long before the creation of Route 66. The Mother Road brought many visitors to the small town, but since the newly built interstate drew all visitors away, it became a ghost town.

Glenrio, Texas

Route66 Texas Glenrio


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