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Florida 2010

Day 5: SeaWorld

Our first day in Orlando was incredible! We visited SeaWorld, with as main goal to see the orcas. The orca show Believe! was amazing. Magnificent how large these animals are.

Shamu at Seaworld Orlando
Shamu at Seaworld Orlando

Of course there is more to see in SeaWorld. Blue horizons is a great spectacle with dolphins and whales and you can have close encounters with many sea animals.

SeaWorld is also a themepark, so there are some rides. Second goal of the day was riding Manta, a rollercoaster that gives you the feeling of flying.

Florida SeaWorld Manta

After a very hot and exciting day in SeaWorld we went to Downtown Disney (Edit 2017: This is now called Disney Springs) to eat at PortoBello, a lovely Italian restaurant.

Day 6: Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom

The next 2 days are all magical because we’re going to Walt Disney World! This was our main reason to come to Florida.

Florida Walt Disney World

We start with Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This is a mix between a zoo and a themepark. The parc is built around the Tree of Life, an artificial tree with carvings of 325 different animal species.

Florida Animal Kingdom

The areas of the park take you to different places in the world, with there own vegetation and animals. One area even takes you to another age, like Dinoland-USA. Here you find Dinosaur, an attraction that lets you ride a jeep with a build-in time machine on a mission to find a little dinosaur in the past, just before an asteroid will crash on earth.

In the back of the park ther is an African village, Harambe, from where you can go on a safari. On your trip you’ll see elephants, rhinos, giraffes, buffalos,…

Florida Animal Kingdom

The main attraction in the park is Expedition Everest. From a small mountain village in Nepal you leave in a train for an expedition in the Himalaya. But before you are well on your way the train stops, rails are ripped apart and in the distance you hear the roar of the Yeti. He isn’t happy with your visit! The rest of the ride is a high speed trip through the mountain to escape from the Yeti. Luckily our train was fast enough! 😉

After we spotted some more animals we headed to Downtown Disney to eat.

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