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Bodie State Historic Park

You can’t officially drive to it in you rental car, because it’s only accessible via an unpaved road. But when you’re driving from Death Valley to Yosemite via the Tioga Pass, you should take the side trip to Bodie. This abandonned mining town high in the mountain is maintained by the California State Park System since 1962.

In 1859 William S. Bodey found gold in the mountains near Mono Lake. A mine was opened and a small town was established. What started with 20 miners, grew to a city with 10,000 people by 1880. There were 65 saloons, gambling halls and brothels, because the miners had to spend there gains somewhere..

Eventhough Bodie is only accessible via a 20km long mountain road, of which 4.5km is unpaved, a lot of people find their way to this hidden gem. The entrence fee for the state park is $8. Don’t hesitate to make the side trip. There is a convenient parking lot from where you can visit the ghost town on foot. 

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