Twenty dollar trick Las Vegas

Only booked a standard room but also want a fantastic view on the Strip? Try the 20 dollar trick when you check in.

How does this 20 dollar trick work? Put a 20 dollar bill between your creditcard and ID in a way that the bill is just visible. At check in you give this package to the hotel clerk and you ask if there is any chance you could get a nice view or a free upgrade.

There are 2 possible scenarios:
– the clerk will tell you that he/she appreciates the gesture, but can’t give you a better view or an upgrade.
– the clerk will tell you that he/she greatly appreciates the gesture and will take good care of you by giving you an upgrade or a fantastic view.

The Amerika Reis team has received some nice upgrades using this trick. At Paris Las Vegas we got a room on the 30th floor with a view on the Strip and the fountains of the Bellagio. Also at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas we got a great view on the Strip and the Fountains.

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