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Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows

Las Vegas is the place with the best entertainment in the USA. No wonder Cirque du Soleil has so many resident shows here. They are all unique and playing in custom build theaters.

Las Vegas with children

Las Vegas is gambling paradise. Not exactly a great place for a family vacation you might think. But there’s no reason not to take your family on a trip to Las Vegas. Children are not allowed on the casino floor but there are plenty more things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling.

Hotels America trips

We have stayed in many hotels and motels during our trips to the USA. We give you a full overview. If we had special thoughts about it, we wrote it here. No comment means it’s a good hotel!


MyVegas is a game like no other. Together with your friends you can play the games that are also available in a casino. The great thing about this game is that you can earn Loyalty Poins by playing. The Loyalty Points can then be traded for real rewards! This way you can get free tickets for shows, free food of free hotel rooms. 


You need some documents to travel to the United States of America. You definitely need an electronically readable passport and an ESTA of visa. If you want to rent a car, you also need a valid driver’s license.

Driving in America


The USA is a large country and you will notice that when you’re driving for hours to get from one place to another. When renting a car for a roadtrip, you need to know which regulations to follow when you’re on the road.

Paying in dollars


The currency of the United States is the US Dollar. Credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere and prices are shown without sales tax. Paying in dollars can be confusing for foreigners in the USA.

International passport

An electronically readable international passport is required to travel to the USA. You passport has to be valid during your entire stay. Also children and babies need a passport.

Driver’s license

If you want to drive a car in the USA, you need a valid driver’s license. For Europeans the European driver’s license is accepted in America. For other countries an international driver’s permit can be required.

Exchange Euros for Dollars


Credit and debit cards can be used everywhere in the USA, but you better also take some cash with you when you travel to America.

Bodie State Historic Park


You can’t officially drive to it in you rental car, because it’s only accessible via an unpaved road. But when you’re driving from Death Valley to Yosemite via the Tioga Pass, you should take the side trip to Bodie. This abandonned mining town high in the mountain is maintained by the California State Park System since 1962.

More people can visit The Wave in 2022


In 2022 more people will be allowed to visit Coyote Buttes North or ‘The Wave’. The Wave is one of the most exclusive and beautiful places to hike in the USA. The rock formation is so unique that daily only a few people are allowed in the region.

Traffic signs in America


Many are the same, but a lot of traffic signs look a lot different in the USA then in Europe. This overview should help you drive safely in the USA.

Unpaved roads with a rental car


The contract of a rental car always states that it is not allowed to drive on unpaved roads. But some places can only be reached by an unpaved road. Should you skip these places on your trip? We looked into it for you.

American plug ≠ European plug


The United States uses 110-120V instead of 220-230V like in Europe. The frequency is also different, 60Hz vs 50Hz. For most European electrical appliances this is not a problem. You can take your own charger with you to power your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Visit all national parks for free on these days in 2022


The National Park Service (NPS) has released a list of 5 days on which all national parks are free to visit. These free admission days are meant to encourage people to discover the parks.


Tipping is an American tradition you definitely need to know. A bellboy waiting at the door is not there to enjoy your company. The waitress that keeps asking you if everything is OK, is not only doing this because she likes you. They are offering you the best possible service, expecting a nice tip.

Which rental car category to choose?

Car rental companies use a lot of different labels to indicate the size of their cars. Each company has different car brands and types, so you want to know which type of car you will end up with. A compact car from one company could be in the midsize category with another company.

Twenty dollar trick Las Vegas

Only booked a standard room but also want a fantastic view on the Strip? Try the 20 dollar trick when you check in.

Ticket needed to visit Glacier National Park in 2022


Also in 2022 visitors need a ticket to visit certain parts of Glacier National Park from May, 27 until September, 11 2022. Just like last year, the ticket system will be used to avoid traffic jams.

You’ll need a timed reservation to visit Arches National Park in 2022


The National Park Service (NPS) has announced that a timed reservation system will be introduced for Arches National Park in 2022.

Permit needed to hike Angels Landing trail in Zion National Park starting in 2022


Planning a trip to Zion National Park? Starting on April, 1 2022 visitors need a permit to hike the Angels Landing Trail. The National Park Service (NPS) will distribute the permits in an online lottery on The first lottery will be held on January, 3 2022.

Angels Landing is one of the most iconic places in Zion National Park and the permits will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. The system will make the dangerous hike less busy and safer. But you will have to plan your trip longer ahead.

(c) NPS / Lizz Eberhardt

Visitors can secure a permit by participating in a seasonal lottery, of a lottery on the day before their planned visit. Participating in the lottery costs $6 and anyone winning a ticket will have to pay another $3. The revenue will be used to cover the costs of the lottery and the extra personnel to give guidance to visitors and check the permits. Here you can find more information about how and when to enter the lottery.

This is a pilot-project and the NPS will have several evaluations and adjust the system when necessary. The project was started with the feedback of nearly 1000 visitors. The NPS has also learned a lot from hiker counts on the Angels Landing Trail in 2019 and 2021. Also the ticket system for the park shuttles during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 gave them a lot of information about the number of visitors.

Angles Landing is one of the best known places in Zion National Park. The park welcomed 2,8 million visitors in 2011. In 2019 this was already 4,5 million. Because of the rising number of visitors the NPS is working on a plan to guarantee every visitor an enjoyable visit. This project is the first step of this plan.

Which covid tests are accepted for travel to the USA?

To be eligible to enter the USA you have to be tested with a viral test that checks for a current SARS-CoV-2 infection no longer than 1 day before you flight. These tests include antigen tests and nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT).

Why Washington, DC isn’t a state


The District of Columbia is the capital of the United States, but Washington, DC isn’t a state and doesn’t belong to a state.

Travel ban lifted!


Starting 8 November 2021 fully vaccinated persons can travel to the USA again. For the first time in 18 months tourists from the Europe can travel to America.